Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

EESI was one of the pioneering companies in the Seattle area for EDM. We have years of experience with Wire EDM and Sinker EDM. EESI has upgraded our machines and knowledge of EDM over the years to keep up with technology.

EDM is a process in which electricity is very accurately controlled to burn metal into shapes or cut through metal. With such accurate control over the spark, we are able to the control sizing very accurately. The machines are capable of an unimaginable .00005 accuracy. These machines are used in a wide variety of fields; with their ability to create complex shapes very accurately, they have made a place for themselves in manufacturing for years to come. One of the biggest advantages of EDM is its ability to cut hard materials you could not machine. As long as the material is conductive, we can cut it -- even diamond.

EESI has a few different types of EDM machines. First, we have wire machines that cut with a wire ranging from .003 to .012. The wire is suspended between two guides vertically cutting through parts. Our machines are 4-axis, which means they have separately controlled heads. This gives us the ability to cut tapers in parts, as well as just vertical parts. This is great in tool and die making and extrusion mold making.
In addition to our wire EDM, we have what is called sinker EDM, or conventional EDM. This machine is similar in layout to a knee mill. It cuts submerged under oil instead of a spindle holding a cutter. It holds an electrode in the shape of whatever you would like to remove. It will travel in whatever direction you like, be it X, Y, or Z. This machine has a wide variety of applications in all fields. The sinker EDMs at EESI are also 4-axis. We have the ability to turn the head as a fourth axis to set angles; we can also spin an electrode and run it similar to a jig grinder. This makes incredibly accurate blind and non-blind holes in all kinds of parts, even after they have been heat-treated.

EESI also has a fast hole, or rapid hole, EDM. This machine uses small electrode and high coolant pressure to put small holes in parts. This machine has the ability to make holes as small as .013, even in heat-treated material. It goes much faster than conventional EDM, as its sole purpose is hole creation.
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