Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Conventional Machining

EESI has a wide variety of machines to help you create exactly what you need and keep the work in-house. We stock limited material right on the shop floor. We cut and prep all material for cutting in-house. This saves on additional operations by our suppliers and keeps cost down.

We are able to prep the material to the sizes needed to start machining parts. Once the material is ready to go, we can get it into the shop and start it on one of our types of machines. We have the ability to turn round parts on our lathe. With this machine we can take your round part from print to actual part. It also allows cutting of round electrodes for our EDM machines.

EESI also has a variety of CNC milling machines and the ability to CNC machine 4-axis parts. We also have the ability to do mild high-speed machining. Our-high speed mill has a 10,000 RPM spindle with software that will look hundreds of lines ahead to make sure all operations go together smoothly. This is great for some finish work on lightly heat-treated parts and also for using a small cutter to make fine details.
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Electro Erosion Specialties, Inc.

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