C02 Laser Marking and Other Services

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EESI has the ability to heat-treat parts in-house with an electronically controlled furnace. We also have sand/glass bead blasting for scale removal afterward, if needed. We use a steel bag system to protect parts during heat-treat and to reduce scale. We have a hardness tester in-house to make sure the correct hardness required is achieved.

Electro Erosion Specialties, Inc.

Heat Treating
EESI has our own in-house inspection department. At EESI we choose not to do all inspection just at the end. We strive to make the best parts possible, so we inspect everything we do as we go along. This ensures rejected parts do not find their way to the end, but rather get removed from production when they fail to measure correctly. This also allows for changes to be made to programs and setups to prevent additional failures. We have inspection machinery, as well as many inspections tools to assist.
EESI has a few different ways to mark parts. We can mill part numbers and serial numbers into parts. We also have the ability to electric pencil, stamp, or electrode stamp parts. Our preferred method is our in-house C02 laser machine. Our C02 laser is able to not only mark numbers and letters into your parts, but also add a company logo or design. This machine makes a permanent marking on your parts that is legible and stands up to wear and tear. It can also do round parts with the rotary attachment.
In many cases, the job is not done just by creating a part. At EESI we have the ability to take it to the very end. We have welding and plasma cutting abilities to aid in fabrication of assemblies. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in the assembly required in Tool and Die making, as well as Mold making. We have the ability to build complete die sets from start to finish, ready to put into your machine. We have a 20-ton press in-house to test die sets. We can also stamp parts for you. We build the molds in-house and work with molding companies to finish the molds with venting modifications and plastics volume ratios.
Fabrication and Assembly